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Day 2

I got up this morning well before it was time to feed the kitties. Unfortunately they refuse to use the clocks available and thought it was already feeding time, so I got to put up with their usual antics while I waited for 10am (full-circle note: I'm now putting up with their antics at 9:40pm while I wait for it to hit 10pm). They get fed twice a day (10:00 and 22:00); when the time shifts so does their feeding time so it's always technically the same time for them.

In another project I expected to take much longer, I got pictures of our bears and other random stuffed animals into the Spundreams picture gallery. I'd figured the photographing itself would take days, and then transferring and captioning would tack on a few more. It ended up being done in about 35 pictures, most of which were retakes -- I believe there are 13 in the album. There are three very important bears and a puppy missing: Andy took his oldest bear to Siggraph with him, and said bear needs to be in the picture with the other three.

Andy logged in for a while when the connection was behaving. It was nice to talk to him, and one of the new developments is that he got mail from someone at Pixar asking him to call so they can arrange a meeting tomorrow. Tomorrow the exhibition booths open so he'll also be able to contact the NVIDIA crowd as well as Chris and Mindy, who we met at merlinofchaos and esmerel's wedding.

Andy wandered off to take a nap, and I decided to do the same. This leads up to Gail's super-sweet antic of the day. After the photo shoot, our bed looked approximately like this, so I decided to sleep on my old bed in the spare room. Gail was sleeping on one of the pillows, so I grabbed a spare and used it. At some point she curled up on the bed beside me. Then, I woke up for whatever reason, headed out, and within a few seconds Andy was online; he'd found hammocks but was done with his nap. When I went back into the room, Gail was sleeping where I'd been. There's another cute shot of what she did when the camera flash awakened her.

I made Tuesday through Friday's lunch, a casserole which is yummy the first day but really really really yummy the second. It's also nice because all I need to do is nuke it for the next four days, and in past experience I've just tended to skip meals when Andy's not around.

This time still doesn't seem as bad, although it's early yet. I usually get very depressed as the days wear on, whereas with only one or two it's just like he's in the office. He's often working long past the current time, so it's not like I'm used to him being home. We've also talked on the phone several times, and he logged in twice today and promised to call later, so I'm not as worried that something bad happened to him. I'll be happy if it doesn't get worse, but not surprised if it does.

Many many years ago, blackgryphon lent me a tape with some filk songs on it. I've pretty much figured out that it was Carmen Miranda's Ghost is Haunting Space Station Three by Leslie Fish and The Funniest Computer Songs as collected by Vince Emery, plus some other random songs including at least two by Steve Savitzky. As per my usual practice, I taped it and promised myself I would buy the originals if I ever found out where they were from (as noted before, I've accounted for a majority of them). Sadly, Carmen Miranda is out of print and due to some big mess can never be reprinted, last I heard. Meanwhile, the page for purchasing The Funniest has a broken link for the checkout, and e-mail I've sent has been unanswered. I'll probably try to e-mail again in the very near future.

Anyway, I had to cut out some of the songs because I only had a short tape. At some point I lost it and had considered the chances of ever compiling it again to be approximately zero. Then, while looking for koledy, which is another journal entry's worth of story, I found out that at some point I'd apparently copied the tape; I'm guessing to give to Andy. So, I have at least the songs which I was able to fit on the original tape. Then the tape went missing again. Tonight I began listening to every tape we have, and found it again. It is now very well-marked and will not be going back into the slush pile for a while.

Update: The kitties are fed and Andy just called. If nothing else pans out, it appears that his boss from when he interned at SGI still remembers him and would like to see him back at SGI. I guess that sort of puts to rest any concerns about the economy and Andy's job prospects. Anyway, now that he's called I should look into making myself some dinner (we often eat this late, sometimes even later). Andy said to say "hi" to everyone and is having fun, if being very ready for sleep both nights so far. More updates as events warrant.
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