Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today was happily boring. Andy decided to stay home and relax, and I bummed around. While I was on my walk my gallant husband tried to do battle with my undead flat panel, and has called in the warranty on the part we bought last year. He'd also gotten some alternate cable from his dad, but found out that the cable his dad's would have replaced was soldered in. On round five of my walk Cornelius demanded "pet me" tax from in front of her apartment. As I was going in from round six I noticed her between her building and mine, which are back to back. A few scritches later and I was home. After showering I made dinner and Andy played computer games.

The only real event was a two-round game of phone tag with Mom. I called and left her a message, then re-read e-mail from yesterday and figured she was driving Grandpa to his appointment. She called while I was on my walk, but luckily Andy was here. I was calling because the vaguely sore throat I mentioned two days ago was scratchy yesterday and today, and I'm more congested than usual. I have no other cold symptoms, but with my grandfather's immune system in a FUBAR situation, I was worried about possibly giving him some virus or other.

I also worried that if I had a cold I might give it to Mom, who could then relay it to Grandpa, but Andy pointed out that she works in a company with hundreds of people, so chances are she's been exposed to anything I might have contracted. Anyway, after talking to Andy about various possibilities she called Grandpa, and soon after my walk called me back to say he'd said "come anyway". Then again, this is the same person who said "no thanks" when a hospital stay was recommended, so his decision-making with regards to his own health is a bit dubious. I'm somewhat relieved because the tickets are non-refundable and the change fee is steep, but part of me is feeling guilty for possibly putting money ahead of Grandpa's health.

I've decided to act as if it's a full-blown cold while I'm there. I'll probably bring along some of the gloves I usually use to make meatballs and wear them when turning on faucets. I may run to a local medical supply store where I've gotten my wrist braces before and get some surgical masks so I can give Grandpa hugs. When my sister had her cold they said she didn't have to wear one, but she had to stay away from him. This was before the pneumonia and bacterial infections, though, so I think I'll err on the side of caution. I mostly hope, though, that this is simply an allergic reaction and not at all contagious.
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