Cat (willowisp) wrote,

NVidia had failed to contact Andy, so yesterday and then again today he called. Today he got through, and was told they usually hire in late January-March, and had no reason to make an exception for Andy.

On the good side, today Andy turned in his five signed cover sheets and the seven copies of his dissertation to be bound. This leaves nothing for him to do save for commencement on Dec 20th. To celebrate we went to see Harry Potter and then out to dinner.

Grandpa is getting better every day and has an appointment for a cancer center, Roswell, on Dec 5th. I hope they don't keep him overnight or even for the weekend. Andy's coming with me for the Dec 6th-9th visit, and we'd rather like to visit Grandpa at least once a day while we're there.

It seems like every time Andy gets bad news I get good news about Grandpa, and every time something bad happens to Grandpa, something promising job-wise happens to Andy.
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