Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Andy went in today after exercising and was there until 8pm. Highlight: Monday's contribution was in the form of his print queue being deleted. No message saying why, no one else used it (he checked logs and he's the only person who has used it in several days), nothing. At least they could have sent him an e-mail saying why his job was killed. Anyway, we had dinner (leftover chicken parmesan with lightly buttered and garlicked corn noodles and salad and garlic bread for Andy), then I drove him back to school. He got three full copies printed today, bringing the total to four of five done. He hopes to finish the last one tonight before he comes in. Then he can hand it to someone else and have them do the rest.

So, we finished dinner and it's now 11pm. I just pulled today's lunch out of the oven. I'm not quite sure what "crastination" is but I'm certainly a pro. Now I get to fret over what could be a false alarm or what could be the beginning of a sore throat. If it looks like I'm developing a cold I'll see if Mom can get some surgical masks (I should have swiped some from the hospital, mutter) so I can visit Grandpa when I go to Rome this weekend. I'll be quite unhappy if I don't get to see him, especially since Mom's last e-mail mentions that he's finally beginning to look better, if still tired.

Thena and Gail, who haven't gotten much journal time in the recent past, are doing well. Well, Gail's still in the doghouse after she ate Andy's most recent tessellation, but due to her cuteness and affectionate streak she manged to avoid becoming a very pretty little chairback throw rug. Thena has finally started sleeping in her bucket again -- she had stopped for a while, and I wasn't sure if it was because Gail kept starting wrestling matches or some other reason. I'm now thinking that it may simply have been the weather; Thena began using the bucket again just when it started crossing the line between "nippy" and "cold".

I've shifted my walk to earlier in the day now that the line has been crossed. It's still warm enough in the daytime, at least in sunlight, that I don't have to wear my sweatshirt. The few times I've gone out after dark it was cold enough that I had to keep the sweatshirt on for most of the walk. The thermometer says that right now it's just shy of 41 degrees, but Andy usually adds five degrees in the summer and subtracts five in the winter. I think I'm just as happy to have gotten it in when it was still 54/49.
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