Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Yesterday was fairly quiet. We went to the housewarming for Tanner and Janell, which was laid-back and fun. Bram, their one-year-old, has the cutest expressions. He also has a thing for balloon swords (one of their friends is a balloon crafter), and was happiest when carrying all three around. The two-year-old who was there, when he had a sword, did something vaguely fencing-like with the realtor. Their place is very close to NVidia -- maybe if Andy gets the job we could be their neighbors. Andy mentioned on the way home that after seeing their place he's really looking forward to having a house of our own.

So, the hard part was defending, then revising and finally getting all five signatures from his committee. Then all Andy would have to do is print some copies of his dissertation and turn them in to be bound. I imagine those of you familiar with computer hardware or Murphy's Law are bracing for what comes next. Indeed, printing has turned out to be a little nightmare in and of itself.

It would seem that since the CS department graduates four or five PhDs per year, that they'd have some procedure in place for printing out dissertations. Alas, they don't. We're now on day three of the saga, it's midnight on Sunday (well, technically Monday), and Andy is at school. He's at school because one of the printers jams every other page, several of them smear the lines, and another jams every fifth page or so. Usually it recovers fairly gracefully, but occasionally it doesn't.

Andy printed out his first two copies on the first day so he could figure out logistics. Yesterday the plan was for him to print out all of the text pages, then today he'd print out all the images and graphs and collate so he could turn it in Monday. He got home late yesterday, but at least the text was done... or so we thought. Yesterday he printed a copy out, made sure everything was fine, and set the next four to print while he sat there in order to unjam it. Unfortunately, at some point microsoft word apparently decided it could lay out the pages better than he could, and the second-fifth copies had huge formatting errors.

He spent most of today reprinting the four copies. Since these were the five on nice archival-quality paper, he had to buy another ream. Then he set the color pages to printing and came home for the night. Fortunately he was able to check the printer status and discovered it was jammed, so he wasn't setting himself up for an unpleasant surprise first thing on Monday. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, it's after midnight on a Sunday/Monday and he's still at school.
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