Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today we did normal Friday stuff, then came home and had dinner. Andy went in to print two of the seven copies of his dissertation; the two being done on normal paper. He's using those two to calibrate the printer for when he does the five copies on archival-quality paper. I went for my walk, which was warmer than yesterday (I never took off my sweatshirt yesterday), and whose only interesting event was a 30 or so drop rainfall -- big sloppy drops, but it lasted for only a few seconds and they were few and far between.

I got e-mail from Mom today. Before releasing him the hospital did both x-rays and a cat scan to make sure no trace of the pneumonia remained. At least there's that. She also said he's continued eating, but not enough. I hope he puts some weight back on before resuming chemo.

Yesterday I forgot to mention some photos I put up:

More foliage shots in NC
The two newest pictures of Thena and Gail together
Random mischief on Gail's part
Thena's reaction to my packing for my most recent trip to Rome
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