Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today I did routine maintenance-type chores and cleaned up in case GNO happened tonight and was here. Tanner couldn't make it this week, and we had no idea if Ben and Conni would be able to. It turned out that they were, and they offered to host it. We watched some special features on their new LoTR DVDs since the bearer of taped Junkyard Wars goodness wasn't there. I also caught a very rare glimpse of Claire, their painfully shy kitty. We also had a great deal of fun watching their not-so-shy cat, Isis, playing "catch the laser pointer dot".

Grandpa is going home from the hospital tomorrow. In Mom's e-mail she said "We thought it was too soon", and I agree. I'm not sure who the "we" is; whether it's Aunt Eileen, Gerry, Mom, and Uncle Rich, or if Mary was included. Maybe when Mom said all the infections were gone she meant the pneumonia as well as the bacterial, but if not he should really be staying. The reason he wants to go home so soon is that all the IV drugs need to be out of his system for him to restart chemo, but since that means they'll be pumping poison into him, he really should be completely better before they do so.

The doctor had said she'd be keeping him in a minimum of two weeks, and if you're generous and count tomorrow, it'll only be ten days. I just hope this change is her doing and not Grandpa overruling her like he did in the beginning with his pneumonia. As Andy pointed out, though, the decision is ultimately his. Grandpa's a stubborn old guy, and his stubbornness may well have kept him alive to this point, but I'd just as soon it not contribute to his death. Oh well, I have to get used to the fact that no matter how much I dislike it, I'm out of the decision-making loop on this one bigtime.

There isn't much else going on. I forgot to mention the other day that one of the kitties was so happy to see me home that she put a piece of food in my shoe. It looks like my jewelry supplier might have finally shipped some stuff which has been backordered since July and August. If so, I may finally be able to do my earring and jacket idea on ebay. Speaking of ebay, here's a piece of ferret shock in rare (at least for me) pink. Anyone who wants to get their SO a really neat flower should watch for this item. It is constantly re-auctioned, so even if this one goes you can search by seller. And now I'll go get rid of the silly romantic stuff by watching Andy play old arcade games.
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