Cat (willowisp) wrote,

This morning I had an appointment with one of the doctors at UNC hospitals. I haven't been sleeping well lately, which lowers the efficacy of my myriad medications. He and his attending doctor (he's a resident on a 6-month tour) gave me a few ideas to help with the sleep bit.

After he skiid and I took my daily walk (pictures soon), Andy drove himself to school since we're officially guarding the phone to intercept any NVidia calls. I did a whole bunch of chores which I couldn't since I was in Rome -- laundry, land-mines^W^Wlitterbox, dishes, and general straightening up. Andy had to return some cotton paper because he discovered after he bought it that not all cotton papers are created acid-free. While out he got some bananas and milk, so I won't have to grocery shop until our normal run on the weekend.

While at school Andy met with his advisor and Dr Brooks. The latter has made a request he rarely makes: that Andy give him one of the bound copies of his dissertation. His remaining edits for Andy are all word choice; he's ready to sign off on it. Likewise with Andy's advisor, which means he either needs to get the revisions from Ketan or have Ketan tell him he'll sign off without making any.

Andy's advisor brought up several things. For one, they may nominate his dissertation to ACM (the people who run both Siggraph and the second conference wherein Andy won best student paper). Each school can nominate only one, so it's a boost to know his is even being considered. Also, he and Andy may submit a chapter or three of Andy's dissertation as papers to Siggraph. Since he already had the coding and graphs done, all that he would need would be to cut out enough to bring any given chapter down to ten pages.

Finally, he really wants Andy to stay in academentia... so much so that he's offered Andy a postdoc position at UNC if NVidia and Boeing don't pan out. That would buy us six months for further job hunting, allow Andy to keep up in research and work on some of the "future work" sections from his dissertation, and also allow us to stay here while Andy gets paid twice as much as he does now without the vicious hours he's kept. Andy's advisor thinks NVidia will take their time in getting back to Andy, so having this offer is a nice safety net to alleviate the uncertainty while we wait.
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