Cat (willowisp) wrote,

The past two days have been a roller-coaster ride. Originally the plan for Monday had been for Mom to go to work and get home in time to get me to the airport. Then two nights ago Gerry, Julie, and CJ got home from a quick getaway, and Gerry and Julie offered me a ride to visit Grandpa. The visit was not a good one. Grandpa looked as weak as I've seen him, still wasn't eating, and said he was going to refuse to walk when the physical therapist came. Even though nothing much went wrong in the way of flights and it was so wonderful to see Andy and the kitties again, the visit colored the rest of my day in a negative light.

Today started with Andy and me competing to see who'd sleep in the latest. Due to kitty feeding he won. Then we cuddled for a bit, but he had a doctor's appointment so had to give me a raincheck for more later. The day sort of went, getting better when he got home with supplies for me to make dinner.

Then I got the e-mail. Grandpa's bacterial infections are completely gone, leaving only the pneumonia to contend with short-term. A physical therapist walked Grandpa for 100 yards, which she says is wonderful for someone who's been through what he has. Finally, something snapped and he's actively eating again, even when he doesn't feel like it. Mom said he already looks better -- maybe finding out that he'd beaten the bacteria put the fight back into him or something. Any which way, I'm not complaining.

I'll be going back to visit from Nov 22nd-25th and then again from Dec 6th-Dec 9th. Anyone who is thinking of visiting people should look into airline tickets now; I got some nearly unheard-of fares to Syracuse, and that's a backwater airport with two or three active airlines. Getting the tickets was a gamble given how he was the past week (the only day he really looked good was after his third pint of blood), but I feel better about it now that he's actively taking part in getting himself better.

I know spouses are supposed to be able to read your mind, but when did that get extended to in-laws? We're spending Christmas with Andy's family, and as I sat down to send an e-mail to Emily about the whens and wheres, she called. I could tell from Andy's half of the conversation that they were discussing flights. Anyway, commencement (at which point he'll be technically, finally, this-time-for-surely a doctor) is December 20th, and Emily had suggested that we might travel back with them on the 21st.

Andy decided he wanted to get a little down-time, though, so we'll probably go around the 23rd. Prior experience has made us wary of traveling on the 24th -- for those who've followed some of our airline sagas, the majority of them happened on that date. We're planning on spending a week or more and hoping to get a chance to visit Kirsti and Terry in Michigan (about a 6-hour drive) or Dave and Sherry (the latter of whom has finally become pregnant after trying for quite a while, yay!) in the Chicago area, which is about a 4-hour drive. Hopefully we'll get things ironed out before the good fares are all gone.

There are a few other tidbits which don't much fit anywhere else, so I'm bundling them here: Orange County has lifted the water restrictions in light of lots of rain this fall. They're still asking us to conserve because the reservoir is down by 6 feet of water, or 24.5%. Because of the recent rain I wasn't able to walk tonight, though if it's raining tomorrow I'll probably risk melting (What a world, what a world) and walk anyway. The photos from Wolf arrived today, so I was able to finish Grandpa's album for now. I'll really finish it once I get Sandy's pictures and once I go back to Rome. Gerry and Julie found a bunch of pictures of the type I'd been hoping for when I started the project, so I'll have the happy job of sorting through them next time.
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