Cat (willowisp) wrote,

We visited Pamela and Dave today. It was nice; instead of watching a movie we just sat and talked. Pamela was baking again and gave me some stuff to take home to Andy. I already know he's going to love it. Pamela also gave me a heads-up on a Christmas present for Andy; one he's mentioned wanted but much prettier than others I've seen and currently half price. I just hope the chain it's in has some at home since I didn't want to risk leaving it on the plane.

Afterward we went to see Grandpa, and discovered that from Syracuse to the hospital parking lot takes an hour and five minutes to drive. Mom had thought it would be closer to an hour and a half.

Maybe it was just because it was late and he'd gotten tired, and earlier he'd been fine, but he looked as bad or worse than when we left yesterday. He still hasn't eaten anything and refused his dinner, though we convinced him to order some peaches. I managed to feed him maybe a third of a slice before he quit. He did drink the Ensure they included; I hope it helps.

He says, among other things, that with all of the weight he's lost his dentures no longer fit and that's why he's not eating. He told us tonight that he's just not hungry. I wish I could give him some of my appetite.

He also claims that he's in no pain, but the look on his face several times during the visit was that of sheer agony. When I asked him he said his stomach just gets upset when he passes gas. tyee has recommended I tell him that he no longer needs to just sit out the pain; modern medicine includes the treatment of pain. I'll mention that when I visit him tomorrow.

On a good note, I get to see Andy and the kitties tomorrow. I miss them so much.
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