Cat (willowisp) wrote,

There was much excitement this morning. Mom's cats are indoor-outdoor, and the male, Bandit, got into a fight (the cat was in our yard, and Bandit provoked it, then kept chasing it after it left). He didn't come out until I'd stepped out of the shower, at which point Mom called me out to hold him while she tried to clean him up. He was wounded on his neck and paw, and got some of my blood on him in the process. What a way to start a day.

Since Pamela and Dave were coming from Syracuse, Mom decided we should take some chicken soup to Grandpa, then she's meet them at a nearby McDonald's so they didn't have to come to Rome then go to Utica. Mary and her daughter Judy were there, and Grandpa was bantering with Mary and teasing the nurses. He looked even better than yesterday, at least at first. Just before the three arrived, though, Mary and Judy left and Grandpa laid down. Somewhere between when he laid down and the few minutes later, there was a complete change. I've tried all day to figure out how to put it into words, but I can't. He just very suddenly went from looking fairly good to looking very old and weak and ill. They basically arrived, we hugged him, and left him to sleep. If he'd looked like that yesterday my journal entry would have been even more incoherent than it was.

Andy and I have been discussing the possibility of my making a couple more trips out here. It looks like I may visit in late November again, then in early December. The most worrisome issue is what we'd do if he passed away after I've made the reservations. It's one of those things I just don't want to think of because when I say/type it it looks so callous, at least to me. The complete turnaround he did in the hospital this afternoon isn't helping matters any. I think I may make the reservations anyway and hope the earlier glimpse was more indicative of his real state.

Mom hasn't had buttermilk chicken since I left home, so I made some today. Even Dave, who usually refuses to eat chicken, liked it. Grandma Shad for some reason didn't get the message we left on her machine inviting her to dinner, but she called just for the heck of it. It's a good thing she didn't come; she has a cold bad enough that the doctor prescribed some medication for her. If we'd been in contact with her I'd not have been able to visit grandpa again.

I went for another 3+ mile walk with Mom tonight. In the category of smells I don't miss at all is manure. The house is in between three cornfields, all of which are fertilized the natural way. Skunks are the other biggie, though there weren't any this visit. The last few there'd been several roads with the lovely aroma of deceased Pepe LePews.

Bandit has barely moved all day. He did come out when Mom gave them half their dinner early, but he didn't even get up for the other half. Noya, in the meantime, has been herself. It just wouldn't be a trip to Rome without being beaten up by the Gail-lookalike. I did foozle her today though -- I miss my own kitties so much. She was unimpressed.
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