Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today was somewhat of an enforced lazy day. I got out and voted, and may have gotten two people who would have otherwise forgotten to do so as well. I got a lot of compliments for my sweatshirt (No outfit is complete without a few cat hairs). By esmerel's criteria I now have the right to gripe about politics for another year.

For those following the car saga, it still clicked, though I figure it needs a few decent drives under its belt before there would be an appreciable change. Retrieving Andy from the airport in nineteen hours and twenty-nine minutes (not that I'm counting or anything) should help in that regard.

The rest of the day was spent lounging about. It was raining on and off in the early afternoon, enough so that I couldn't get a walk in. Since early evening it's been intermittently raining and pouring. Hopefully this will make the water emergency less acute, though it probably won't be enough to get us out of drought conditions.

I went back and worked on some of the first crossword puzzles which I'd given up on. I solved a fair number of them, though there are still a few on which I'm hung up. Thena and Gail were very affectionate today. Thena decided to be a lap kitty and a wrist-rest for a while, and Gail got into one of her "pet me" frenzies. She's also been lying at my feet this evening, which means that every time I've stretched my legs unexpectedly I've felt her fluffy little form. She doesn't seem to mind and even appears to be making a game of it, flouncing off and then returning for a conciliatory petting. Now if only she'd behave in between the periods of inordinate cuteness.

Andy's interview went much better today than yesterday, at least from his point of view. It did sort of take up where yesterday's left off, with questions more in his area of expertise and without any mixed signals with regards to what was being sought. One of the interviewers was an officemate of his several years ago at UNC, and they discussed his dissertation then used it to redesign a theoretical graphics system. There was also one person who asked him a question and would up learning some stuff from Andy, because the area is one which has always interested him. The only one he felt he floundered on was the first, and near the end the interviewer noted that he'd touched on all of the issues the interviewer had wanted him to and come up with adequate solutions.

Now we get to hurry up and wait. This will probably be the most agonizing part; I hope they don't drag it out too long.
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