Cat (willowisp) wrote,


I received my HA1C results today. My level is at 5.5 this time, which is actually at the high end of the range for people without diabetes (4.5-5.7). I'm still in shock; I thought I'd be much higher. I was mostly hoping I wouldn't have slipped into the 8-range or I'd maybe be in the low 7s (since 7 is the target). Anyway, I guess the walks are helping, if the HA1C and my blood pressure the other day are any indication. I just wish I'd start losing weight now.

Andy finished Final Fantasy X today. He'd done all of the side quests, so it was painfully easy. The ending is much better those in the other ends of games in the series. It answered at least as many questions as it brought up, and there was a sense of closure. Andy's started the Disney-Square crossover, Kingdom Hearts. According to Ben it's a much quicker game; only 40 hours or so total.

After a nice lazy evening I'm going to go cuddle with Andy to make up for lost time in advance. I'll try not to whine and mope too much over the next few days but, as always, I'm making no promises.

5.5. Poing!
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