Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Two more days with very little to report. I could get used to this. Anyway, I did dress up for Halloween; a costume which would, if I wore it to a Ren Faire, get me put high on the ridicule scale, only slightly below guys dressing in flowing robes and pointed hats with stars on them and fake beards down to the ground and women wearing conical hats with ribbons or scarves hanging down and people who wear prom clothes. Anyway, our count of trick-or-treaters combined from the last five is a resounding zero. Most people figure it's because we're on the third floor. I mostly don't care why, I just make sure to get treats which we'll be able to dispose of with minimal heartache.

One noteworthy event from yesterday is that Andy got himself some new clothes. He'd already outshrunk the new pants he got, so he got another size smaller, plus some more of those nice soft shirts. Funding came from a kindly genie or two who also conjured up new shoes for us a few weeks ago.

Today we ran our usual Friday errands, then watched a fun episode of Junkyard Wars. I once again retroactively doomed one team by liking them better than the other, though the judge helped by declaring them his choice in his first go-round. Either of those alone doesn't necessarily mean a team will lose, but combined they're certain doom. After GNO Andy played a game while I did a crossword puzzle, then we watched Animusic and he helped me get most of the remaining words. I managed to get all the puzzle theme clues by myself, though.

Andy leaves for his interviews on Sunday at about noon. I have no plans yet, though I'll probably cook something he's not so fond of but which I consider to be high on the comfort food list. Oh, and I'll probably spoil the kitties. One good thing about my not going is that we don't have to scramble to get kitty-sitters. I have a few ideas and Andy's recommended I do some clothes shopping of my own, but I've not committed to anything yet.
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