Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today Andy got more information about his interviews. He'll be flying out Sunday afternoon and returning on Wednesday evening. Since he'll be spending most of two full days he's there interviewing, and since the Entropy folk will be at work/school, and since I'd not be able to take the same flight as him using frequent flier miles, plus I'd have to purchase the miles since I'm 800 short, we decided that I'll stay home this time. If he gets the job he'll need to spend one week out of every eight in Santa Clara, so I suppose I'll have plenty of opportunities to visit if he gets it.

The diabetes appointment was uneventful today. The walks may be doing something; my blood pressure (usually 110-120/75-80) was 107/69, and my pulse (usually in the 90s) was 85. Unfortunately my blood sugar was inexplicably high, so I guess we just have to wait for the HA1C to determine if it was just a fluke for today or whether there's a problem. I only got poked once despite Dr Vimmerstedt's best intentions. Fortunately the inoculation people give a handout before dispensing the vaccine, and fortunately I read it. People who are allergic to eggs can't get the shot. I guess I'll have to be really careful this year since diabetes + flu == the potential for some really unpleasant stuff. Andy and I did discuss getting him inoculated.

Today was a Jewel-the-orphan-kitty day. I thought Gail was rough on her toys, but Jewel not only obliterated the feather, she also broke the pole in several places. She didn't seem so interested in playing today, and I'm thinking of bringing one of our fishing poles over tomorrow to see if that'll tempt her. I'd forgotten how talkative she is. She's a sweetie, though, and it was nice seeing her again.
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