Cat (willowisp) wrote,

After dropping Andy off at school today I went over to student health to get some refills on prescriptions. A bit of explanation: you need a pass to park, and you have to get it immediately prior to parking, since the passes are only good for two hours. The understood practice is to park in a sort of non-space long enough to run in and get the pass, then go and park in one of the marked spaces. If you park in a marked space without a pass you will be towed, and I've seen them do it. As I came out with the parking pass, I watched someone driving a state-owned vehicle crunch his front left bumper into our Civic's front right bumper.

I get the feeling the guy really didn't want to take this any further, especially since he tried to convince me that I'd be in for a $250 fine for parking in a fire lane (patently false; the fire lane is clearly marked) if we called the police. I'm also guessing that if I'd walked out the door any later, I wouldn't have noticed anything wrong until Andy or I realized the plastic thingies covering the passenger lights were broken. Anyway, the nice officer who responded (and confirmed for me that in NC it is required by law to report any accident which causes injury or property damage) estimated the damage to be about $500 for us and nothing for the state truck. Also, since the space I was in was not a marked stall, he had to assign me partial fault. I didn't get a parking ticket because it's an understood staging area. I can pick up the report tomorrow when I go for my make-up diabetes appointment, provided I can find the campus security station.

Anyway, now we get to figure out how we'll deal with this. The good thing about Al's garage is that we already know they won't repair something if it doesn't need it, so if only the cover-thingies need replacing he won't try to replace the whole bumper anyway. On the other hand, if the bumper does need replacing, it's going to cost us. On the other other hand (will someone lend me an octopus?) if I report it to my insurance that nails Andy's and my accident-free record and will almost certainly be handed to us in the form of higher premiums for however many years. Along with the deductible, it may literally be more expensive to report it to the insurance company than go it alone.

I'm right in the middle of what is regularly a difficult time for me, so I spent most of the rest of the day brooding and eating comfort food in the form of the soup we have on Christmas Eve in my maternal family. However, things took a radical turn when I received a phone call identified by caller ID as coming from somewhere in California. The person on the other end introduced himself as Phil(l?)ip and asked to speak with Andy. Since Andy was still at school and he'd already left voice mail there I got his phone number and some details and posed it at Andy. Then I tried calling Andy's office, then e-mailing, then the cell phone. A few minutes after the flurry of activity I heard from him; he was presently waiting on the newest batch of revisions from Dr Brooks.

Andy stayed at school until about 19:15, then decided to give up and come home after leaving several voice mails for Phil. When we got home there was a message on our machine from Phil, who said he'd been running about the office for most of the afternoon. Andy called back and tagged Phil "it" yet again in a long-running game of phone tag. I started making dinner.

We got the phone call about fifteen minutes before dinner was ready. There are about ten people in the main office at NVidia who want to talk to Andy. In order to give him time to breathe they'll be spreading the interview over two days... November 4th and 5th. Andy will probably fly out on Sunday, and a rental car is included for his trip.

The fun part now is figuring out if I'll be able to go. Given the time frame, the best tickets I could find were over $500, and these were evil itineraries on multiple airlines in three-to-four hops per leg. For example, one took me to Vegas, then Charlotte, then San Jose. Anyway, the luxury of flying all on one airline would have cost well over $1000. I could use USAir frequent flier miles, but Andy will probably be flying American, (NVidia has a deal with them) so I'd have to find a way to get to his hotel if I did that. I could see how many miles Andy and I have on American, and if one of us has enough, go that route. Of course since you're at the airline's whim on frequent flier redemptions, I might not be on the same flights as him. Anyway, I have my work cut out for me tomorrow, at least before and after the diabetes appointment.
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