Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Extra hours are good things, even if I keep thinking it's later than it is once the evening hits. I almost skipped going to Whole Foods because I thought it was 20:45 when it was really only 19:45. Luckily there's a doctor in the family who was able to explain things for me. Good thing he likes Brown Cow yogurt as much as I do.

I'm somewhat bemused today: I got e-mail from my father. It was nothing profound, just asking how I'm doing diabetes-wise (I don't think he even knows about the food allergies diagnosed in April/May) and how Andy was doing at school and whether he's still thinking of working for Pixar. He also mentioned he's had some surgery to deal with the injury a punk did to his wrist (he was a cop, but is now on permanent disability thanks to the injury) and that the person he's living with is also going to have surgery. I'll probably try to answer tomorrow... I have to figure out how much I want to tell him.

Anyway, I worked on crossword puzzles which I <cough> borrowed <cough> from the apartment newspaper recycling bin. I've discovered that with the LA Times one supplied by the Chapel Hill paper, I either breeze through it or hit frustrating roadblocks, often only getting a few words in the latter case. I've noticed that I seem to be fairly consistent with regards to the puzzle designers and how well I do -- it may be that I just need to get used to their styles.

As noted before I grocery shopped, and Whole Foods finally had egg substitute in stock again. Since I was planning on making myself some more kolotz sometime this week, the timing was fortunate. This was a week for comfort food, and I'll be opening windows tomorrow so hopefully Andy won't notice the saur kraut I plan to cook.

I saw one of the bunnies on rounds three and four of my walk. On round three I didn't take pictures, but on round four I caved. It's good that I did, because I got several good shots. I don't know when I'll post this lot; probably after I've gotten some other pictures. Other than that the walk was routine, if a bit warm.

Tomorrow (later today) Andy has to go in to the office. He wants to be there in case someone from NVidia calls, and he wants to work some more on his thesis so he can get the thing finalized. I don't much mind because aside from going in to burn some arcade games to CD, he hasn't been in there since his defense. Besides, he'll be coming home once he gets the call or, if he doesn't, once he's fairly certain that the people in the Left Coast office won't be making any further calls for the day. It's not like he'll be in there until all hours.
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