Cat (willowisp) wrote,

These have been two gloriously dull days. Yesterday we did our familiar Friday errands. Andy got balloons from someone whom he talks with on a regular basis. They had a weight on them, which we figured we'd remove to let Gail play the skylight game. She beat us to it, chewing the ribbon above the weight. The four-picture scenario is archived here, starting with the last picture on page one.

I worked on yet more pictures today, including those whose link I just quoted. I also put up pictures taken the day before and the day of Andy's defense. Dr Manocha is his advisor; Dr Brooks is the Fred Brooks of The Mythical Man Month. Dr. Mayer-Patel is the one who has worked most closely with Andy on various projects. Speaking of Andy's dissertation in general, he has spent the last few days re-writing chapter one, and has it to a point where he hopes it will pass muster. Dr Mayer-Patel still needs to get him some edits with regards to code, but he says they're minor. Andy is hoping to have the thing signed sometime in the next two weeks, but is not going to kill himself to get it done.

I haven't heard anything more with regards to Grandpa. Before doing anything with regards to a possible visit I need to find out if he and Mary are going to Florida this year and, if so, when. Meanwhile, I've fast-tracked completing his album, though I'd like to see if my uncle or cousin wants to contribute any of the photos they took. I'll e-mail them tonight or sometime tomorrow, while Andy and I try to decide which of our Moose River/McCauley Mountain pictures to send to Wolf along with our order for the prints I'm including in the album.
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