Cat (willowisp) wrote,

The rest of the visit from Andy's parents was wonderful. We took them to Andy's favorite art supply store (a place on Franklin Street, which is the heart of campus), and his mother even found some stuff she was looking for. Then we took them to Carr Mill Mall, a dusty, almost-but-not-quite dingy place, and Emily and I did the ferret shock thing in a fabric store. Actually, Andy probably did too; he's just better at containing it.

After sampling pretzels we went to the apartment and I went into ferret shock all over again when I showed Emily my paperweights. We also got them hooked on Animusic and Andy showed off his Zome projects. Then we went out for lunch and took them to the airport. There was a traffic jam of sorts, but even with that we got them there in plenty of time. They arrived home safely after an uneventful trip.

Most of the rest of the day was lazy; Andy's begun working on Dr Brooks' edits, but isn't pushing himself like he has been for the past few months. He technically has until December 2nd to hand it in and he plans on having it done in a casual week or so. It is tempting to get the three signatures before he leaves for his interview (they contacted him again today saying they wanted to get it set up soon. We're hoping this is a good sign), but since he needs the pristine cotton-paper copy formatted just so for the autographs, it probably won't happen.

My sister called. She had a dream last night in which she was expecting to see someone else get engaged (our cousin Sandy and her now-but-not-in-the-dream fiance), and instead it was Dave who proposed to her. She also said that Dave has called her his wife because, in his words, it's easier to say than "girlfriend". I hope her dream turns out to be prophetic in the very near future.

Mom also called. Grandpa is being taken off of chemo; not only has it not contained the cancer, but the cancer has spread even further.
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