Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I got exactly five cookies from the batch, some yummy sundae toppings from failed cookies, and a one-layer cake. I also discovered that you should not add vanilla to powdered sugar before it is mixed with the other wet ingredients. I probably won't ice the cake but will instead let people decide whether they want the buttercream or the chocolate.

After baking and cleaning up, I went and got the photos I forgot to get last night and to pick up some stuff Andy could stomach from the grocery store. Then I went to the airport to pick up his parents. Andy did not know they were coming until I walked in with them. He finished up his work and then they took us to dinner, yum. I did have a plan if they'd decided to eat in, but Andy wanted to take them to our new favorite restaurant.

They're staying at the Carolina Inn, which is across the street from Sitterson. Tomorrow we're going to meet them for lunch, then Andy will prepare to give his defense presentation while I hang out with Tom and Emily. We'll wander on over to Sitterson a little before it's scheduled to begin, hopefully in time to get seats. The defense is at 15:30 eastern time, and given comments to earlier posts, I will probably post as soon as possible, from Sitterson if necessary. Since Andy's parents are only here until Thursday, I don't know how much time we'll spend online between now and then.
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