Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Last night I gave Andy a quick massage while he was falling asleep. This morning he decided to cuddle for a while before going in to the office. Once he was there, I started cleaning up my desk area and considering which household clutter to list on ebay next. I'll hopefully list them tomorrow if I can get the photos from the camera.

I did a bit of cleaning before Andy got home, and then after dinner, when he left again, I tackled our bedroom and the living room. A lot of odds and ends are in new homes or getting ready for a visit to the dumpster. I was still fidgety, so I've already measured out all of the dry ingredients for tomorrow's baking run. Since the way I'm doing the cookies requires them to go one at a time for fifteen minutes, I'll be pretty reliably occupied for a long part of tomorrow. I have some errands to run as well, for instance picking up some ingredients which I'll inevitably need and getting the developed pictures I forgot to pick up today.

Andy printed out copies of his dissertation for every committee member and handed them out yesterday. Today he got more comments from one of them; one for whom we have a great deal of respect. On the other hand, his advisor hasn't managed to come up with one positive comment about his presentation for Wednesday, and has recommended a bunch of contradictory changes (like make it shorter but add more information) and other changes which seemed more like busy work than significant revision. One of the things Andy noticed was that the committee member recommended the opposite of all of the advisor's petty changes. Andy will be going with the committee member's recommendations rather than his advisor's.

Andy is hoping not to be up too late tonight, which means I'm hoping he'll come home soon. He does want to get to a point wherein he won't be staying up too awfully late tomorrow night, since he'll want to be well-rested on Wednesday. I'll probably do some more small stuff cleaning-wise rather than tackling the spare bedroom, which, taken by itself, would have insurance claims adjustors convinced that a hurricane had hit. Part of it is that somekitty (probably Gail) knocked down the bear hammock. The other is that there's a bunch of stuff Andy or I think we need to save, but for which we have no place, so it ends up on the spare bed. Some day we'll sort through it and maybe find some space to put it in, but for now we'll probably just hope no one invites themself for an overnight stay.
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