Cat (willowisp) wrote,

The past two days have been spent doing mostly mundane stuff, mostly to keep myself occupied while Andy continues to work obscene hours. He's still trying to get his presentation down to under an hour, and his advisor has asked him to add in more stuff. A steady grasp on reality is such a fine thing.

Most of yesterday's work revolved around pictures. I now have photos up from the family gathering and from the two days following. The URLs for them are:

Highlights from the family gathering

Highlights from the Adirondack forays

I also got my weekend chores out of the way yesterday, and today I've been working on general housecleaning. I've also been taking time out whenever I find old in-flight magazines, doing the crossword puzzles, and then recycling the magazines. It's going to be a long time before I finish the Northwest Airlines one -- the brutes use the New York Times version.
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