Cat (willowisp) wrote,

We did our Friday chores today, went home and had a quick dinner, then went to Sitterson. Andy has thesis stuff to work on, and I wanted to scan the pictures I got for Grandpa's album Friday and Saturday. They'll probably end up in my gallery at some point, but I'm not going to try to estimate the time frame.

When we got there a workshop was winding down. It had been going on for the week, and was the reason Andy didn't have most of his normal machines for his work, which has slowed him down. One of the conference-goers signaled to Andy, who figured the guy wanted to get into the other areas of Sitterson for demos. Instead, he wanted to give a demo.

It was Unreal Tournament, being rendered by two spectator laptops with "three lines of code" to make one look left and one right, then projected onto two large screens. By standing in the one correct spot, you could allegedly be immersed in the game or somesuch. Andy was unimpressed, and from what I gathered (given questions asked of the demo-er), there's already something out there which does exactly what he was doing.

On the inside doors of Sitterson there are plastic thingies hanging, large enough to hold 8 1/2"x11" paper. The announcements are generally up-to-date. Today's is for "Doctoral Dissertation Defense" (nice alliteration) of Andrew Wilson. According to the announcement it will be at 3:30pm on October 23rd. I may have to check it out.

The pictures have been scanned, the album has its pages filled (at least to a point) again, and Andy's dissertation crossed 350 pages and 63,000+ words today. As he gets revisions from his committee it will probably grow. It's 90 minutes past kitty feeding time, so I expect we'll be hearing some pointed comments from Thena when we get home, hopefully before midnight.

Since I don't want to start my walk that late, I got my exercise by going around third floor Sitterson and reading all of the comics and silly articles people have on their doors. Once I'm done with this entry I may do a few laps to make up more for tonight's lack of a formal walk. Strangely enough, Andy and I aren't the only people here at 11:30 on a Friday night.
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