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Andy had a meeting today. None of his committee had any major concerns about his work (most of what Dr Brooks pointed out were needs for examples or figures to back up the info, plus grammatical nitpicks), so his defense is on for October 23rd. Now we just have to keep his cold from getting worse, if not get rid of it, before then. Chicken soup for dinner tomorrow, yay! I also need to get some ingredients to bake bribes for his committee. It's really not yet sunk in that at this time next week, he'll be Happy and we'll be calling him Doc (he's already been Bashful and Dopey when he started, and has since progressed to Grumpy, Sleepy, and Sneezy).

In other news, a while back I mentioned a potential employer wanted to have a chat with him, after which they might interview. Since we didn't want to get anyone's hopes up we've kept quiet about it, but the chat occurred on October 1st. After two agonizingly long weeks, Andy got a follow-up call today. NVidia will be flying him to California for a second interview on a date TBD. It definitely will not be before he defends. There are two reasons for this: first, because he needs to incorporate all of the changes his committee has given him and work on the defense itself.

The second is due to a former colleague. Said former colleague (from here on out referred to as "FC") was a very nice guy, and Andy says FC was way smarter than even he is (I have my doubts). Unfortunately FC also had the focus of a hummingbird on stimulants. FC was hired by NVidia, with the understanding that he'd defend before his start day. Before either happened, FC vanished off the face of the Earth. He never went back to school and hasn't answered e-mail or been heard from at all since then.

Rumor has it that NVidia is still peeved about FC, and Andy has a lot in common with FC: same school, same advisor, quite possibly the same references (or at least two of the same references). It may be that most of Andy's interview will be spent convincing them that he won't pull an FC. Having his PhD already finished should go a long way in quelling any fears along those lines. We're going to try to work it so that I go along, both for moral support and to get a chance to hang out with Bay Area folk.

Andy and I went shopping today, and I have some new footwear. The first is a pair of everyday shoes by Ecco (the same folks who made Andy's new dress shoes); the second was a pair of sneakers designed for walking, also by Ecco. The latter needs to be broken in a bit if tonight's uneventful six-round walk is any indication.

Otherwise it was a quiet day, if you count four journal entries in any given day as quiet. I spent most of the rest of the day unpacking, cleaning, and spoiling some kitties. I'm hoping that since it's finally cooling down that I can start getting my walk done earlier, and perhaps get myself back onto some semblance of a sleep schedule. But not until after Andy defends. Seven days.
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