Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Tuesday Catch-Up

We managed to get everything packed into our suitcases, one of the backpacks, and the box I'd sent pillows in two times ago. There was a bit of a worry when we couldn't find any packing tape, but that could have been easily rectified with a trip to any number of stores. It ended up not being a problem when Mom found the last of the tape Pamela had used when she moved to Syracuse. We ended up not having to borrow Pamela's large suitcase, so one less thing to worry about.

I hadn't gotten to see Grandma Shad the whole trip, so we invited her over for lunch. We had Chinese from the place with addictive wontons (when I went to Rome in August and September, I'd had wonton soup daily), Grandma's first exposure to Chinese. I think she liked it. She was also interested in the tape recorder project, and we found out that the "pause if no one is talking" function works. That means we're two for two on the posterity project. I also got a pleasant surprise in that Grandma is giving me some books I adored as a child. And, unlike Mom, she doesn't mind shipping things, so we didn't have to try to fit them into our luggage.

We got to the airport in plenty of time, and the gate agents and flight attendants all liked the flowers. There were no problems checking the box (which would not have fit under the seat or in the overhead bin) and Andy's suitcase (with all of his origami cutting tools), and except for a glitch which delayed takeoff on the second flight by half hour or so, everything was uneventful. I had the window seat and very much enjoyed watching the fall leaves on takeoff. On the second flight we were in between two cloud layers, and I saw some beautiful cloud formations, including a bunch which looked like baby harp seals. There was also a point when the sun was illuminating the upper layer, so the edges of the higher clouds were limned in a glow which seemed sometimes to be gold and others to be silver.

Then we got home, played musical monitors, and got some sleep in our own bed with Thena taking turns between sleeping on Andy and on me. We apparently had a lot of rain while we were on our trip; they no longer have the countdown of days of water left, and have said the reservoirs are 63% full. They are still asking people to observe voluntary restrictions, however: unless we have a wet winter we'll still be in drought territory.
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