Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Monday Catch-Up

The plan for Monday had been to visit Pamela and Dave in Syracuse, then head over to Oswego. There was a professor in particular with whom I wanted to chat, and I also wanted Andy to see an Oswego sunset. When we got up, though, it was cloudless and sunny, and we changed our plans. We decided to try Old Forge again, then visit Pamela later when Dave would be out of work. Since she works for a bank, Pamela had Monday off; Dave is an EMT on a rotating schedule, and he'd be off by 18:00, unless an emergency came up near the shift change.

We visited Grandpa briefly; Andy stayed in the car because there was now no doubt that he had Pamela's cold, and he didn't want to give it to Grandpa. If I was at all worried that Grandpa might have only agreed with the tape recorder thing to make me happy, that fear was allayed: he said he'd already begun recording.

Between Boonville and Old Forge, there is one main road; Moose River Rd. It has several scenic stops, some of which we'd taken advantage of on Sunday. Today, with the sun out, Andy ventured out of the car and had a ball with the camera. He took who-knows-how-many panorama shots with the digital camera, and that was only at the first stop. While he was doing that, I wandered through the woods (and encountered every burr and thorn bush there) so I could take the last picture on the last roll of film I brought. In retrospect I should have waited, but I hope the picture will be a good one.

When I got back we went to the second scenic stop, which was just breathtakingly beautiful. While Andy offloaded pictures from the flash card in order to have room for more, I went out and discovered that it was possible to get to some outcropping rocks. Andy and Mom joined me, and several panorama shots later (plus some pictures of us) and we headed back to shore...briefly. There is a little island in the middle of the area, and I went exploring to see if there was a way too it. It turns out that it seems to be navigable via stepping stone, but since it was a nippy day and I was wearing a skirt as well as boots so worn down that they have only token traction, I opted out of actually trying it.

Andy saw me and came over, though. I'd already left, but he wanted me to show him where I'd been, so I retraced my steps. He took more panoramas, then began clambering over rocks leading in a direction away from the island. Once he'd gotten a fair distance away he beckoned me over. I was only brave enough to get about a third of the way, but he kept calling me over so I finally got there. The view was just wonderful from there, and we took some pictures together with the island as the backdrop. Then he took some more panoramas as I made my way back. Mom had long since retired to the car, so we joined her and headed to Old Forge.

If it wasn't just so incredible looking at the other mountains from atop McCauley, I might have said the ski lift was an anti-climax. We took a bunch of pictures and filled up the flash card (it was a race to see if the flash card filled or the battery ran out first), and Mom even got one of us together with a backdrop of trees as far as could be seen in any direction. It was still sunny but also quite chilly topside, so we headed down and then called Pamela to tell her we were on the way.

It took two hours, to the minute, to get from Old Forge to her place. We didn't go back on Moose River, which would have added time to the trip, and not because of photo opportunities. Anyway, while we waited for Dave we watched Muppets From Space, which neither Andy nor I had seen before. It was a good way to spend the hour or hour-and-a-half, and just as we were trying to decide what to do next, Dave called and said he was ready for dinner when we were. He came over and we looked at Pamela's pictures from the weekend, then headed out to a buffet dinner which actually had food I could eat.

After dinner we headed home and I started a load of laundry while Andy packed. We were still trying to figure out how to get everything home, since my mom is adverse to shipping things and I'd sent some stuff ahead. Since I left behind all of my special flours and such it wasn't so bad, but we also had some breakable things in forms of ornaments we received and some framed photographs, plus my paperweight. We decided to figure it out on Tuesday and went to bed -- the thing about being out all day in the fresh air and scrambling around for quite a bit of it is that sleep comes rather more easily.
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