Cat (willowisp) wrote,

This is just a quick entry to say that Andy and I got home safely. It's raining steadily outside, and appears to have been for a while. The kitties are being sweet, and I have some entries to make up all about the beauty of autumn in upstate NY, especially in the mountains. Andy is hooked.

There are a few bad things; one of them is a death in the computer family. My monitor flashed on briefly, then went off. After I reseated wires and such, Andy took over and declared it DOA. Luckily we can never part with old computer components, so we had a monitor lying around. I'm sure Thena will be particularly happy, since the flat-panel wasn't thick enough to hold her and the box I put behind it didn't warm up like the one I'm using again.

Andy appears to have picked up Pamela's cold. Well, that he has a cold isn't in question, only the source thereof is. He finds out tomorrow whether he'll be defending on the 23rd or whether one of his committee members will decide it needs more week. I really hope he gets all-clears; he could really use some things working out in his favor.

Since we spent a lot of time dealing with monitor stuff I don't have enough time to do much tonight. I'm going to go catch the little Widget who's wending her was around my legs and hug the squeak out of her, then try to get some sleep. Sometime in the near future I'll summarize all the stuff from the days I missed. Oh, and upload digital photos and develop film pictures, then scan them. While some didn't come out very well, I still imagine there'll be at least 200 when all is said and done.
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