Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today was one of those days wherein, looking back, I wonder how I got done everything which I did. Making time for Andy was nice, and we had a visitor in the morning. We both woke up to see Bandit lying between us (I don't know how the door got opened, but I didn't mind). Then we dozed off, and when I awakened a little while later, found I couldn't move my foot. I tried again, and felt two paws tighten and a play-bite through the covers. After the second time Bandit got up and headed over toward Andy. I have a very cute picture of him holding Bandit teddy bear style, though I don't know if he'll let me post it.

Despite our sleeping in, we managed to get a lot done. Andy folded some gorgeous boxes for the jewelry gifts I'm giving, plus the inevitable work on his thesis, plus coming with me to grocery shop to get me out of the house for a bit. I went grocery shopping twice today; the first time to one store and with Andy to three others. I got the fixings to make the hot chocolate powder, Martinelli's, and supplies for tomorrow's dinner.

When I got home with Andy I gathered some stuff together and went up to Gerry and Julie's to make kolotz. CJ's grown -- the moose suit I got him might not fit. While waiting in between stages and such I made cocoa to give out, plus got the photo album done. Gerry found a few more pictures for me, including one of Grandpa water-skiing.

I had to run home to get some ingredients which Julie didn't have lying around, then went back to finish up. We just made the potato cheese part today; Julie will bake two of them tomorrow morning, and then after Christmas Eve is over, we'll come home and bake the other two. I'll need to remember to add eggs and flour to half of the mix I brought home, and egg substitute and wheat-free flour to my half.

I found out that we're having the dinner in a rented hall, which is actually somewhat of a relief. There are too many of us to fit in this house for something as involved as that dinner. And although Mom couldn't get oplotke, Uncle Rich did. I'm glad we'll be able to do that part -- it's what I really wanted all of my cousins to witness.

I may not wait up for Aunt Eileen and my cousins to get here. I have to wrap gifts tomorrow, and perhaps break open one of the tape recorders so I can demonstrate for Grandpa and Mary. I'm also feeling rather tired; part of it may be from postponing dinner for so long. Andy's tired too, so maybe I'll just get ready for bed so he can sleep.
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