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Those who haven't heard this story and who know Andy will probably find this highly amusing. He's been putting out feelers at places such at NVidia (GEForce graphics cards), Pixar, and a relatively new company called Ex Luna. The latter had listed a job on their site which was literally Andy. It could have been made using his resume as a starting point, and about the only way it could've been more tailored to him would have been to require the applicant have the initials "ATW".

Since Andy flies out for Siggraph tomorrow (sigh), he sent e-mail to the big three asking if he might meet up with anyone while there. An HR-type from Ex Luna replied and said something to the effect of "Your resume is impressive, but we want someone with 8-10 years' worth of studio experience". To put things in perspective, this means someone who was in the industry when _Jurassic Park_ and _Terminator 2_ were being made. Now, raise your hand if you think anyone with that much experience plus all of Andy's other qualifications (including the PhD he'll be getting in computer graphics in two months or so) is looking for a job right now.

Even more amusing is that the person who would be the manager published his PhD in 1999 (so they wouldn't hire him to be his own underling). Andy thinks that when they were telling the HR person what to look for, they said "8-10 years' studio experience" but forgot to add the all-important "or commensurate education".

On the other hand, someone at NVidia called at Oh-dear-lord-it's-early yesterday morning. She said that some people were interested in meeting him at Siggraph, and then gave him names and told him she'd be telling them to watch out for him. This is especially encouraging because they have an office in the Research Triangle Park area, so we might be able to stay here if Andy gets a job with them. That, and he would be doing any one of several jobs which interest him. Actually, if means he'll be happier than he is now, I'd move to California in a heartbeat. But if we could stay here on top of him having a job which he adores, well...

Jewel, the orphan kitty for a weekend whom I'm caring for, is as silly as ever. She knows that when I come over she'll be fed, petted, and almost always played with. Therefore, she does not want to eat when I get there. She wants to play immediately since she can always eat after I've left. On the other hand, she really likes the canned food they mix her medicine into, so she tries to eat as much as she can while letting me know that she's definitely interested in playing.

Today we went to the most dangerous place in the world, Build-A-Bear. We were there for a purpose: I got a bride bear a while back, and now it was Andy's turn to get himself a groom. Of course while there I found yet another bear I want: not only is it soft and huggable, but part of the proceeds get donated to a charity which buys books for needy children. Since literacy and the enjoyment of books is a cause near and dear to me, I imagine we'll end up with one of the little critters. Their last "cause" bear was for breast cancer research, so I bought one in memory of my maternal grandmother.

As both kitties circle around me like little sharks, Gail has made stalking Thena her secondary cause. Thena's not completely innocent either; she has to be twitching her tail so temptingly on purpose. I suppose I could just feed them at 10 on the dot and go feed Jewel since we have to be out the door tomorrow by 8am to get Andy to his flight. It's about 10 now, so I'm off.
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