Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Our flights were uneventful for the most part. I think Andy was a bit put out that they stopped serving drinks the row before ours on the first flight, allegedly because the plane was so far ahead of schedule that they hadn't had time. At least on the second flight he got some Coke, while they forgot to bring me any water, but those are just minor quibbles. I swiped an in-flight magazine and did crossword puzzles while waiting for my sister to arrive. She was working until 15 minutes after our flight touched down, so we knew we'd be waiting.

Nothing's really changed in the month since I was last here. Pamela cooked dinner which we happily scarfed, then we watches Animusic. As I suspected, she liked it, as did Mom. Then we went over to Dave's and he burned a CD of the pictures which somehow never made it to my inbox. We didn't get grocery shopping, so I won't be able to make kolotz while Mom is at work. Bugger. Oh well, the first relatives to arrive will probably be trickling in around 8pm or so, and Mom gets out of work around 3. I'll have some time to work on them. Maybe I'll try to do pictures in Grandpa's album while Mom is at work. Or maybe I'll break open a tape recorder and RTFM so I can show Grandpa Pilny and Grandma Shad how to use them.

Not only didn't I oversleep this morning, but I got up at least an hour earlier than I'd planned. The net result was that I got everything done as far as I can tell. Unfortunately that plus staying up late last night/early this morning and being on airplanes all day means that I'm really tired -- I'm even coughing, which for some reason happens far more frequently when I'm wiped out. Anyway, it's bedtime for Andycats, so I'm off.
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