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Today has been pretty much a blur. We didn't get started until late, and then we had to do a bunch of last-minute trip-related things. I got Andy to school at about 5:30pm, then had to go on an ultimately frustrating shopping trip. The one thing I really needed, egg substitute, is still out, so I'll need to bring an open box. My main worry is that it contains this fine white powder which will almost certainly cause a panic if it leaks. I've put the inner wrapper into a Ziploc bag and then put the bag in the box and sealed it -- hopefully that will be enough.

We're mostly packed, except for the stuff we'll need to use tomorrow before we leave. Timing is going to be really interesting: I need to finish the coffee I brewed on Monday, get my daily dose of oatmeal, then get everything into the dishwasher and said appliance running. I'm also running a load of laundry tonight which I need to remember to put in the dryer tomorrow. I hope I don't oversleep at all.

The Foo Cam is back up, for those interested. Those who haven't seen it before can check it out here,
though there's no guarantee of seeing one or both of the furballs. I did put their water fountain and food dish in the camera's range, so hopefully I'll see them a few times while in Rome.

I'll try to update my journal while in Rome, but there are no guarantees. While I know what we're doing on Saturday, the other days are somewhat less predictable, as is Mom's dialup. Plus Andy's thesis will (and any net activity needed therefore) will take precedence, and Mom most likely won't want us on the net too much because she only has one phone line. I will try to post at least summaries tomorrow through Monday. See everyone on the flip side (Tuesday, in theory), if nothing else.
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