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We had a fairly normal day. I drove Andy to school, then came home and did nice domestic stuff like dishes and laundry. I also rendered (though not in quite the same way Andy would) one of the pumpkins; tomorrow/later today I'll do the others. My sister called today, and since she was planning on making a pumpkin pie I broached the taste test idea. It looks as if we're going to do it so long as she can scare up an extra pie plate. Now I need to figure out how to get the stuff to Syracuse without endangering any of the luggage.

I'm going to experiment with pie crust tomorrow. If it works, I may get some pudding while in Rome and make myself a pie so I can have dessert as well. Maybe if it doesn't work out I'll make some of the ang-safe macaroons I brought to Entropy two summers ago.

Gerry and Julie asked Pamela to be CJ's godmother. She was completely floored -- she would never in a thousand years even have imagined they'd ask her. They have a very close friend whom we figured would be the person they went with. She's really happy, and Dave has suggested she give a copy of Disney's Cinderella as a Christening gift because of the fairy godmother in that. He's done something along those lines with his godson -- every birthday the boy has gotten something related to the movie The Godfather. This year, just after the mother said thank goodness he hadn't done anything with horses, she unwrapped his gift and found out it was a stick pony. After I relayed this to Andy he really wants to meet Dave.

I packed today, even though we don't leave until Thursday. I still need to figure out PTP (pumpkin transport protocol), but I have a day to think it over. I really like the idea of Pamela making the pies because she can, in good conscience, make a normal recipe. I'll try egg substitute when I make pies from the leftover pumpkin goop, but for the taste test I'd rather there only be one variable -- organic or mall-produced.

A cold front has made my walks less heated, though it hasn't done much by way of getting the area wet. It was doing something on my walk tonight. It definitely was not rain; I hesitate to call it drizzle or sprinkle because after six circuits I was still more or less dry. It was more like walking through a mist but with fewer droplets. Perhaps it might be equivalent to our KART (kitty attitude re-adjustment tool) when I accidentally set it to mist instead of spray. Whatever it was, I know it won't even touch the water in the reservoirs, let alone replenish the water table, but it might help the grass a bit. As of this evening, Chapel Hill has 148 days of water left.
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