Cat (willowisp) wrote,

As usual, Andy worked until insane hours tonight. He's now safely at home, the only worry that of possible paper cuts as he folds. I shipped a box of stuff to Mom so I don't have to try to carry it on the plane. The only thing left out was egg substitute because Whole Foods was still clean out. I even sent a wonderful set of smaller-than-usual measuring spoons I received for Christmas from my in-laws; it turns out the smallest is the perfect measure for the cinnamon and cloves in a half-batch of kolotz. I did spend some of the evening out and about doing nefarious things, but I was done before Andy was ready to come home so it wasn't a problem.

Grandpa got chemo today, but they diluted it somewhat and gave him even more prescriptions in hopes that it'll hold off the worst of the sickness. While I always hope it won't cause him too much pain, this week I'm especially fervent. It takes so much to get our splintered family together; I don't want him to be too sick to enjoy the fact that we have all but two in the same city for a few days.
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