Cat (willowisp) wrote,

It's all good and well to fudge the time on the LJ entry, but ugh. I'm typing this on the wrong side of 2am, and unfortunately I'm not tired enough to even hope to get to sleep any time soon. Part of it has to do with things which are happening later today, or which may happen. Hopefully Wolf Camera will begin processing my order, hopefully I'll get a whole bunch of stuff shipped to Rome, and Grandpa will find out later if he can get his chemo today. On the one hand, it would be so nice if he didn't, because if the other times are any indication he's going to be so sick this weekend that he may not even be able to see us. On the other, if he gets chemo it means his bloodwork came out well. I hate it when win-win seems more like lose-lose.

Andy spent most of the day in school. His dissertation is now at 61,000 words and 322 pages. He defends in 17 days. I probably won't see him much between 9am and 12am between now and then. He's not the only one who can't wait until this whole thing is over.

Today was the day of unhelpful help staff and frustrating browser issues. When I first tried to sign up on Wolf Camera's site with Galeon, it wouldn't let me upload pictures (or rather it hung for hours if I let it). Mozilla solved that, so I figured it would work for ordering. Silly me. I kept getting a 404-compliant page on the final stage of the order. I tried their online help, and Dave (There are a lot of Daves out there) said try again later because it might be having problems, and that he didn't know when it might not be problematic. When I worked tech support and a user was having issues with my employer's pages I would find out if they were having problems and, if so, get an estimate of when it would hopefully be working again. I eventually tried using Andy's computer which has IE, and I was finally able to complete the order.

When Andy was in Charlotte last week he left behind his NASA jacket. Those who've known us for a while know all about my three-year quest to find one to replace the one he'd worn out, mostly because I whined a lot about not being able to find it. Anyway, one of the other attendees found it and turned it in, and Andy asked me to call and find out if he could call in a UPS pickup charged to our card. It took them a while to figure out where to shunt me, but the final place was housekeeping. Her answer: call back tomorrow because she has no access to lost and found. It wasn't as if I was asking her to ship it, just if it was possible.

Andy got home at about 11:30 today, and we had Dutch apple pork chops. I think this time there was too much oatmeal mixture, so maybe next time I'll use 1 1/2 instead of two cups. We've been out of maltitol for a while, so I used real sugar. Even after eating only half of my chop I wasn't about to skip or skimp on my walk. That's mostly why I'm up at 2:30am and counting. I suppose the sugar might also account for my lack of sleepiness. I should at least go lie down though -- there's a whole bunch of stuff which needs to be done before Thursday, and a bunch of it has to be finished by later today. Plus, I'm getting cranky.
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