Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today was shaping up as boring, if productive. After dropping Andy off at school I headed to Wal-Mart to buy a ten-pack of 90-minute tapes; B&N to get the first Calvin and Hobbes book for the aunt who'd never heard of them; Staples to get a box so I can either ship all the stuff I'm lugging home or take it as a carry-on; and Whole Foods and Harris Teeter for groceries. The only really noteworthy bit is that Whole Foods had egg substitute on sale, but they were out of the product. Since this is being shipped (or even worse, airported), I decided I should not send open containers of various white powdery substances. I'll need to go back for the egg substitute before Monday if I end up shipping the box.

With Aunt Eileen's book and the tapes, I am done getting stuff for the trip to Rome. It looks like I'll be making the kolotz as well as the soups, but I'm going to cheat and make only one batch which is safe for me. The rest will be using real pizza dough, flour, and eggs. To make my batch, though, I need to ship egg substitute, general purpose flour, milk powder, tapioca flour, unflavored gelatin, and xanthan gum. I'll get the yeast in Rome since Fleischmann's, the most common brand I've seen, is wheat-free. I'll also get the cider vinegar there since I'm not about to ship a glass bottle, opened or no.

The box I got was a bit too large, but I may end up shipping the air bake pan, so it may be ok. At least everything I need to be in there fits. Along with raw materials, recipes for the crust and the kolotz, there's also two baby outfits, a kangaroo pin, three sets of bead jewelry which I strung myself, three sets of shiny-rock jewelry which I set myself, the photo album, the pictures I have, and one of Andy's presents from Mom. I hope the other one arrives in time.

I didn't really do any work with Grandpa's photo album today, but I'm really hoping Dave gets the rest of Mom's pictures to me in time. Mom said that a lot were left out, which I figured was the case since his naming scheme was i#, and several of the numbers were missing. I'm also holding out faint hope that Gerry and Julie will get some pictures to me. I did finally get around to adding some photos to the spundreams gallery. There are new walk pictures, a picture of the album I'll be putting Grandpa's pictures in, and more pictures of Thena and Gail.

I wasn't even going to report on the walk tonight because it was so boring. I saw Cornelius on round two, but she never came down from the railing and was gone by round three. I almost stepped on Froad on round three and saw it on rounds 4-6 as well. Then, on round six, as I was passing the building across the street from mine, a woman called out "hi". I looked over, and she was precariously perched on her railing. I said "hi" back, and she asked if I'd come talk to her. It was obvious she was upset and had been crying, so I headed over.

From what I understand, DD (I'm not sure which of the dozen variants she uses, so I'll just use that one) was upset because her roommate called her (DD's) sister and told her to come over and take care of DD. More hazily, the roommate may also have told the sister that DD has an alcohol problem and tried to hit her (the roommate). She extrapolated that her sister, and by extension her family, must think she's a fsck-up who has completely screwed up her life. As Andy said, there are about two reams of details we'd need just to understand it all. Luckily, someone who knew DD came along, and he said he'd take care of her. I hope she's all right, and I hope if she does have an alcohol problem that she'll try to get help.
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