Cat (willowisp) wrote,

We ran our usual Friday errands today, then went to Ben and Conni's for GNO. Tanner discovered earlier this week that a product was going into testing a week earlier than he'd expected, so he couldn't make it. We watched Ben play Kingdom Hearts for a while, then Andy dropped me off at home and went in to clobber a bug. He figured since he was only going after one that it'd be an early night.

I noodled around some with the pictures, mostly seeing what all can be done with them now that they're uploaded to Wolf Camera's site. Most of the originals Mom wants to keep probably aren't going to look so good in the printouts; the resolution isn't high enough. A couple of my digital photos are also not quite high enough, though Andy thinks they'll not make bad 4x6s. Now I get to hurry up and wait some more as I see if anyone answers the e-mail I sent two days ago.

Murphy's Law of ebay: The month when you not only don't have discretionary income but when you're using up all of the past discretionary money you've saved to finance gifts will be the month your favorite seller puts up three of the prettiest paperweights in a series you're collecting with opening bids $30.00 less than other sellers usually list them for. Muttergrumblesmurf.

I took my walk much later than usual today, and met a surprising number of people (plus a bunny). One woman asked for help deciphering building numbers; I wish I could have helped her. They aren't in any intuitive order, and the only one I can authoritatively point out is the building I live in, 105. By the time I got back from six rounds at around 12:30am, Andy was just closing up to come home. He's said he hopefully won't be that late tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath. His dissertation is now at 58,000+ words and counting.
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