Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I got another early walk in today. Andy locked the keys in the car at the bank, which is just beyond the post office. On the way home we checked, and it's two miles more or less exactly. One of these days I need to do the same for Timber Hollow; figure out how far a circuit is, that is.

When not making spaghetti for this evening, most of my time went to working on pictures. My wonderful husband, despite losing a big chunk of time today while I walked to the bank, took the time to set them up for me. I got all of the sheets from Dave (he was scanning in four pictures per each scan) chopped into individual photos and got them into the gallery. I also managed to get Wolf's site to cooperate, so all I'll need to do Monday (hopefully) is tell them which copies to print. I also went through and figured out which of mine need to printed since some were taken with our digital camera. Now if I can just get me relatives to tell me which (if any) need to be printed by Sunday, I may be able to shake this sense of pre-destined failure.

Today was a happy day, UPS-wise. I got the components needed to finish three Christmas presents, two of them to be given next week. I have no idea when I'll be giving the third person her present; I'll probably be boring and mail it in December. I also got one of two Christmas presents Mom asked me to pick out for Andy. Now all I need to do is remember to get a Calvin and Hobbes book for my aunt, who had never heard of them before.

Andy's thesis passed 300 pages today, and there's only a little bit of stuff left to add. It was done enough that he gave a copy to the committee member who'll be out of the country for a conference. Andy will be getting more revisions from his advisor tomorrow, hopefully all minor tweaks as opposed to major rewrites. It's a bit surreal thinking that in twenty days this will be over for the most part, if not completely. It's sort of like the post-holiday letdown, only more so -- it's not been months leading up to this, it's been five years now. In one day, heck, in an hour or three of one day, five years' work will be presented, debated, and either passed (perhaps provisionally, perhaps not) or failed. And that one day is only twenty days away.
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