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Whee -- and today I made yet another trip to the grocery stores. I had, as always, forgotten how much goes into kolotz and had to get some stuff I needed, plus we had to change plans for dinners later this week when we realized we would be having tomato sauce for four nights in a row with our original one. There were pie pumpkins for sale so I got some: I'm planning on making two pies and having an organic pumpkin versus regular-grocery-store-types taste test. There were nice-looking macintosh apples as well, so maybe in the coming weeks we'll have some fresh applesauce and apple pie.

I ended up making the kolotz today, and despite the fact that I used egg and wheat substitute, they turned out really well. I tried a different pizza crust recipe this time and it wasn't nearly so nasty as the one I tried the other day. I may need to do a double-crust recipe for a half-batch of kolotz, though -- the filling overflowed because I hadn't mind the rim high enough, and there was barely enough dough to make the rim in the first place. I did determine, though, that using airbake pans definitely keep the bottom from burning. Given how thin the crust was, if it was ever going to burn it would have been today.

Kolotz aren't hard to make, but the process is time-consuming. Usually we set aside a whole day and make enough to last for months, then freeze most of it. That doesn't work here since we don't have much freezer space and our freezer is self-defrosting, which results in freezer-burn, at least in my experience. The half-batch worked nicely in that I had enough for dinner today and a lunch or two, plus snacks. Andy tried it and said he liked it, so long as it's heated up. It did mean that aside from getting some pictures up today, I didn't get much done on the photo album, which is a bit worrisome.

I got a ton of pictures from Dave today. Unfortunately there were sent in such a way that Andy has to decode them and give them to me, then I have to pull up Gimp and chop them up, because Dave was scanning them four at a time. Andy's busy trying to get his thesis done in first draft before one of his committee members leaves the country for a conference. The thesis is at 298 pages and will definitely pass 300. I'm not betting on 325, but I wouldn't bet against it, either. Insert rant about proprietary formats here.

I've set myself a pseudo-deadline of Monday for placing the order with Wolf Camera. I'll have to have them ship it directly to Rome via overnight and hope processing doesn't take more than four days. That means that between now and then I need to figure out which pictures need to be printed and how to get the pictures uploaded to the site. I tried doing so the other day and the uploads hung, no fail messages or anything, until I finally gave up. I'm not sure if it's due to file sizes or if it's something to do with the fact I run Linux and they only give specifications for Mac and windoze.

I suppose if I don't get the album done in time I can always mail it to him at real Christmas time, but I'd so much rather give it to him when everyone is there. After all, without their pictures this thing would have been impossible. I just wish I had a backup plan/gift for Grandpa in case the album doesn't come about in the next few days.
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