Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Andy took the car today, so I had absolutely no guilty feelings about spending most of it working on pictures for Grandpa's album. I added two new pictures to my set, one of my Christening and the other a picture of very young Pamela and me. Aunt Eileen's and Uncle Rich's pictures were added, and Mom helped me caption a bunch of Aunt Eileen's. I should be getting around 2 dozen tomorrow from Dave which will go into Mom's album. Then I need to find out which originals people want back or which pictures are only in digital form and try to make Wolf Camera accept the jpegs for them. I'll be annoyed if it turns out the files are too large even though by Andy's and my count they're ten times smaller than the recommended minimum file size.

I also managed to get some longer-term chores done. I cleaned out the Foo fountain and replaced the filter, and washed out and replaced the filter of one of the Brita pitchers. Once the other one is empty I'll do the same for it. That plus laundry and dishes means I'm keeping up, at least.

I went for my walk really early tonight. It was hotter than usual, but I did get to see my frog/toad (perhaps I'll call it a froad from now on. Or name it Froado), a cat I only see when I walk earlier (though it's too scared for me to approach it), and a bunny on rounds two and six. Sadly it was not about to let me get it on film (or flash card, as the case may be) tonight.
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