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Since the car was in or en route from Charlotte over the weekend, and after dinner last night it was too late to think of groceries, we didn't get the shopping done this weekend. This morning after dropping Andy off for the guest lecture and picking up some prescriptions (insurance has finally kicked back in, yay) I went on a grocery run. Two stores later and we have a full refrigerator, less freezer space, and a week's supply of Brown Crack^H^H^H^How yogurt.

After putting the groceries away and realizing the housework was more or less still done from yesterday, I played around with personality tests (mostly finding them again) and have the post earlier today to show for it. I planned on going in to scan Aunt Eileen's photos, but I had to wait until the parking lot was available, which meant killing time until five pm.

I'd forgotten something at the second grocery store, the one which just happens to be close to Wolf Camera. Wolf is the company which hopefully will be doing all of the printouts for Grandpa Pilny's album. They also sell frames and albums and such. I have been trying to figure out how to deal with a problem album-wise: all of the albums I'd looked at assumed horizontal pictures only and, while we only have a few, we do have some verticals. I didn't want to use the solution of turning the book sideways. I was also looking for one with space for writing notes or identifying people or whatever.

Anyway, since I was right there I decided to see what Wolf Camera had. At first glance it looked like more of the same of what I'd seen on the net. Then one of the covers caught my eye; a very elegant one which looks as if the cover was hand-made, with four little leaves cut out from colored tiles near the top. Grandpa has always loved plants, so that made it all the more appropriate. Then I checked out the specs: the first were pretty much what I expected, archival quality, acid-free paper and so on. Then I did a double-take -- the next feature listed was a pocket system which works for both vertical and horizontal pictures. The next feature was room on every page for writing. I flipped through the pages (sewn rather than stapled), figured out how they do it, and left with an album for the pictures. It holds up to 200, and since we're still on the "under" end of 100, it'll certainly be enough. The few vertical pictures will take up the space of two horizontals, so that should help pad it out.

I met Joseph Wu, the man who had guest lectured today. He was hanging out on third floor Sitterson, where Andy's office is, so Andy introduced us. I then scanned in Aunt Eileen's pictures at 600dpi. They're all fairly small black and whites; using the insane resolution will hopefully give Wolf enough to go on. I also scanned in the one picture I finally found of Pamela and me when we were growing up. My father took virtually all of our photos when he divorced mom, so unless our relatives have pictures of us, the one with Pamela at a Brownies event and me heckling will be the only one.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll do some major work on the pictures I have, and try to make things work with Wolf's site. I tried uploading a bunch of the pictures the other day, but it kept hanging; never giving fail messages or completing even one picture. They do specify windoze, though I was hoping they wouldn't notice I had Linux. I give the upload another try from Andy's machine to see if that helps. I have no idea how long it'll take them to process the pictures and it's now technically October (aiiiieeeeeee!), so I want to get things as ready as possible for when I get the last of the pictures. Dave will be sending about 25 more from Mom on Wednesday, so if I don't hear from Meri by then I may consider that my cutoff. Hopefully she'll let me know if anything is on the way via snail-mail.

I took a full walk tonight, and was rewarded with several photo opportunities. In fact, if Cornelius and one more bunny had shown up, I would have had the full menagerie. I got the puppy (named Jackstraw, Bud for short) and the frog/toad in round one and one of the bunnies in round six.
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