Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Fairly Good Thursday

This afternoon, after dropping Andy off at school, I got some grocery shopping done (and remembered everything, thanks to some advice I got to write things down rather than trusting my brain for memory). Since I got paid for the auction this morning I also sent it out and got some new stamps. When I came home I found out the fairy godmoth^W^WUPS person had been and there were two packages waiting for us in the office. One was the airplane laptop adaptor Andy had been waiting for; the other was some maltitol in the form of brown, granulated, and powdered sugar and also a jar of honey-flavored maltitol.

I'd been waiting for the maltitol so I could begin some experiments in baking. The first one, undertaken today, consisted of oatmeal cookies with no wheat flour, sugar, or eggs. They came out fairly well, even though I later discovered that I should have added xanthan gum. Andy says he can taste some difference but that they're still good. This is fortunate since I plan on sending most of the batch with him to Siggraph. Sorry, torquemada, but none of them got burnt this time.

I've also gotten the majority of spundreams' photo gallery finished. Anyone interested in seeing a ton of kitty pictures should check I'm in the process of adding the latest batch to the galleries now, but the albums are in fairly decent shape.

It's finally raining! It started twenty minutes ago, sounded like it might be tapering off a bit, and then we got some lightning immediately followed by a nice big thunderclap and some more rain. Thena, who had been telling me it was dinnertime (it won't be for about 45 minutes) is now under the bed. Our fearless little Gail is on the box behind my monitor watching the rain in fascination. The temperatire has dropped at least four degrees since the rain started -- hopefully the heat will break and it'll be more bearable tomorrow. While we don't get as hot as some places, the humidity here tends to make even the low 80s seem hotter than they would where the heat is dry.

I should probably go do some dishes and laundry since it looks like my evening walk is out for now. Then again, I'd forego it if it means a few good solid hours of rain for the area.
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