Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Andy got home safe and sound at about the time he expected to. We immediately did lots of cute stuff which would have had even non-diabetics pleading for insulin. He also showed me the spoils from his origami expedition. I think my favorite was a bunch of hand-made paper with sheets which felt like carbon copy filmy stuff (but Andy's version is apparently not nearly as fragile) to stuff which felt like cloth. Some was plain, some sparkled subtly, and some sparkled unsubtly. Andy's sister, Erin, makes paper. I bet she'd love this stuff.

We decided to continue in on the sickeningly sweet bit, so we went out for dinner. It was very yummy, but by then it was getting late, and Andy needs to be in to school early tomorrow. First he'll be going to a guest lecture by one of the people who was at the origami conference (remember a while back I mentioned Andy was a guest teacher in a course? The professor of the course went to the conference as well and snagged himself another guest speaker), then he gets to find out exactly how much of his dissertation data has been lost, whether any was recovered, and whether any of his work on the other machines survived.

Owing to the hour I only took half a walk tonight. On rounds two and three I saw a frog or toad. I'm not an expert on them, but from the folk-knowledge I have it was a toad -- its skin was neither smooth nor green. I did take some pictures, so once I finish off the roll of film, if they come out I'll scan them in. For now though, I need to think of sleeping if I'm going to be awake while driving him to school tomorrow.
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