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As I have since Andy left, today I got up long enough to feed the kitties, then took a nap. For lunch I tried the experiment which I couldn't do while Andy is here, because he gets sick whenever I cook saur kraut. I'd bought enough of the stuff for three half-batch tries, since the potato starch by itself didn't work too well, and I know rather less about non-wheat flour than I should by now. Anyway, my first try was with one I mentioned a while back which, while thickening very well (even better than normal flour) had a faint bean-ish taste, at least to me. The saur kraut, however, was enough to mask any residual flour flavor, so I ended up stopping after the first try. Now to try to figure out what to do with two pounds of saur kraut and Andy coming home tomorrow.

Andy's coming home tomorrow! I wouldn't have complained if he'd decided to stay until Monday to attend Tomoko Fuse's workshop, but I'm just as happy that he's opted to get some rest before his job chat coming up. I'm not sure how restful it'll be with me making up for lost time, though.

I'm not going as overboard as usual for his return. I didn't think to get any Martinelli's at the grocery store when I walked to the post office, so we won't even have a champagne look-alike. I am making a dinner he likes a lot which I've been avoiding recently due to the "had it one time too many in too short a time frame" effect.

I did keep up with most of the housework (as well as ate regularly, which is always dicey), and that which I didn't will be done by tomorrow so he'll be none the wiser. I also decided to get the spare room in some semblance of order. First I brought in all of our remaining firewood from the outside closet, then put two huge boxes which we'll need for our move (whenever it occurs) out there. Then I broke down a ton of boxes, threw a bunch of stuff away, and straightened up. It's now possible to walk in there without brushing against anything.

There is still a bunch of stuff on the bed, but it's things we need to decide whether we'll need in the long run or not, and we have to decide together. I'll probably try to straighten up the bears somewhat tomorrow (their hammock fell down, and Gail's not talking), but even if I don't hopefully the spare room will be a nice change. If not, maybe the fact that I finally cleaned my side of the computer area will be enough to make him happy he came home.

The kitties were a lot of fun tonight. They'd crowd around the door as I went out to get more wood, then scamper when I came back in with an armload. While cleaning the spare room I found a kitty car seat we'd bought at one point but not yet used. I decided to try and figure out how the harness contraption worked. Yeesh, try to stuff the critters into a car seat once or twice and they won't let you near them for the rest of the evening.

I'm starting to try to figure out what needs to be done between now and when we leave on October 10th. Some of it, like the photo album, is out of my control at the moment, though I have a feeling I could get away with a one-hundred picture album. I have the tape recorders for Grandpa Pilny and Grandma Shad, but I need tapes still. I need to remember to bring the bean flour which figured in my experiment earlier today. I should probably try making a half-batch of kolotz with wheatless pizza dough to see if the potato filling is sufficient to cover any nastiness in the crust itself. Technically I could use the spiffy pasta maker Andy's parents gave me last year and see if I could come up with some Cat-friendly pierogi dough, since the filling is easy to fake. Or I could just take some Immodium along and live with the results of being too lazy to try to come up with alternatives.

Gift-wise (since we'll be celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas), I still need to get a Calvin and Hobbes book for Aunt Eileen, who'd never heard of them. Once I get a cute little moose suit I won in an auction I'll have baby clothes as gifts for the two boys. The necklace/bracelet sets I made for Aaron, Madison, and Susanna will be the gift for their family, and I got something for my sister. I still need components for gifts for Mom and my cousin Kim, but I won't be able to get them until we figure out if we have a toy budget this month. Grandpa, of course, is getting the photo album, and I'll tell Mary she can use the tape recorder to make posterity stuff for her family too, if she wants. I think (hope) I have every family unit covered.

I should probably take out some, if not all, of the broken-down cardboard tonight. I only took half a walk since I was feeling a bit ill at walk-time, but a few trips to the dumpster should make up for that. Then I need to get to bed since it's now been over three hours since I began this entry, and Thena will no doubt try to get me up early tomorrow. Plus I'll need to finish cleaning up for Andy's return, which will work better if I'm not taking constant naps.
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