Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I usually update my journal after my walk, which is why it occurs so late at night. I don't need to take my walk tonight, so I'm celebrating by doing an early journal entry.

I stayed up really late last night (technically, I stayed up well into this morning), so I slept later than usual. When I finally did get up to feed the kitties, I realized I was too tired to function and took a nap. I got up again when Andy called to report on his day. It turns out he may've been up even later/earlier than I was. The hotel fire alarm went off last night, then continued to go off intermittently after the fire department gave the all-clear. It eventually was determined that it was so humid that the haze was setting off the alarms.

Well over a month ago I auctioned off a paperweight. On its third round it finally got a bid. I only accept personal checks via escrow, so we started up the process. The buyer became a bit concerned after a month or so had passed, and I agreed and wrote to the escrow people. They replied that they hadn't received the payment yet. Today they finally wrote to say that the payment had been received and the check cleared. There was only one problem: Andy has the car with him. I suppose I could have lied and said I didn't get the e-mail until after the post office closed and sent it off on Monday once Andy was home, but I finally decided that I really wanted to ship it today, both to play nice with the escrow company and also to get the box out of the apartment.

I'm not sure how long the walk is, but I had no idea which buses ran when, or even how much bus fares cost. I almost chickened out because the roads to the post office are some of the nastiest traffic-wise. Then I remembered that there was sidewalk along the first one and along at least part of the second, so I decided to risk it. It took about an hour each way, which means about as long as two nights' worth of walks, which is why I'm off the hook for tonight. I think it may be a mile or more each way, though. Anyway, I did discover that the second street has sort of walking trails/sidewalks all of the way, though you have to cross the street at one point to stay on them. I've long had it ingrained that I need to walk opposite the traffic, so even though I was off the road I felt a bit odd during the half in which I was walking with it.

I sent out the mail I had been pondering yesterday and got an immediate response from my cousin Meri. After confirming what kind of pictures I'm looking for she promised to look over the weekend and talk to Aunt Eileen. Then, in snail-mail, I got about a dozen photos from Aunt Eileen. They're all really old (only three are in color). I already e-mailed her to thank her for them, and I'll get them scanned in as soon as Andy takes me to school (even though I could walk, I don't know that it'd be a good idea to be on the third floor of Sitterson using department hardware for obviously personal purposes without having Andy there). Then I got e-mail from Mom saying that Uncle Rich promised to send some photos this weekend. After a fairly discouraging start, it finally looks like this thing might come together. Now to find a spot for Aunt Eileen's photos where certain furry someones won't be tempted to autograph them.

The walk was quite hot, and I was pretty happy to meet the AC when I walked back in. However, my clothes were somewhat wet, and now they've become uncomfortably clammy. I think I'll take a nice hot shower, then get into my nightgown and do the housework in that, since it's dry. If anything else worth mentioning happens tonight (or if I decide to go on my walk anyway), I'll post later.
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