Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Yesterday was a mixed bag. On the good side, Andy and I had lunch together, then he got himself a new pair of Ecco shoes thanks to a kindly Genie. He said they're easily the most comfortable shoes he's ever worn, even more so than his usual sneakers.

On the bad side, yesterday the computer doing the major calculations for his thesis decided to eat its own disks, and everything it had been working on was lost. Andy backs up regularly (and redundantly), but since Gamma was still coming up with the data, it wasn't backed up. There are some other machines which are as souped up as Gamma, but they are all dedicated to other groups, so even if Andy uses one, the group can arbitrarily shut down his program.

So that was yesterday. Andy left for the origami festival in Charlotte today and arrived safely after a drive only eventful in that there was a traffic jam in Greensboro. He enjoyed the math session he went to, and listening to the speakers. One of them is from the NASA JPL; Andy's hoping to corner him and talk shop. I joked that maybe he could see if they're hiring, and he sounded almost like he might take me up on it -- of course, he is a person who mourned the wearing out of a NASA jacket, so. Tomoko Fuse is there. She's written half, maybe more, of the origami books Andy owns. If he's ever given you a box, it's probably one of hers. If her presentation is early enough on Monday he may stay an extra day.

I mostly worked on my photo album project today. I'm getting a bit antsy; we're going to be leaving for Rome on October 10th and I only have 23 pictures. Mom says she has about 25 for me, so maybe the thing won't be quite so pathetic, but Dave isn't planning on scanning them in until next week, which won't leave much time to get them printed, especially if I have to send away rather than doing it at the local Wolf Camera. There's also always a chance my aunt or one of my uncles will come through, or maybe even my cousins (Kimmy, Meri, and Sandy), but I'm not holding my breath.

I found out something interesting today -- the photos I scanned in yesterday at 300dpi are, as tiffs, close enough to Wolf Camera's minimum file size that maybe they could be printed out on photo paper. Meanwhile, the jpg versions are about the same size as the digital photos we have, so maybe the digitals could be printed out as well. I think Grandpa would be much happier if they looked like camera-taken photos than computer printouts. Also that way I could avoid the headache of mom not wanting to give me the originals for the album.

I've added the photos I have to their own gallery on spundreams. Pictures range from the 1950s (and possibly the 1940s) to earlier this month. I will hopefully be adding pictures from other people as well, and hopefully sooner rather than later. I'm thinking of sending e-mail tomorrow with the URL in hopes that it will gently prod some of the other family members to get some pictures to me.
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