Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I decided to change the way I take care of Jewel in the mornings. Instead of going over when I've fed my two and gotten around to showering, today I showered before feeding Thena and Gail, then went over to Jewel's while Andy exercised. I also went over to give her dinner before I took my walk. Today she didn't even pretend to be interested in the food -- all she wanted to do was play.

The tape recorders were delivered today; I'm considering opening one of them and R(ing)TFM so I can demonstrate how to use them instead of telling various grandparents to RTFM. Andy got directions for next week, and will be gone for the better part of an afternoon. Between the origami festival, the chat, and his dissertation, it's anyone's guess as to whether I'll see him even less than during Siggraph deadline season.

I've added a new album to my LJ photos. It's mostly stuff from last few nights (but not tonight, because I brought the film camera along) of walking, including the one good bunny picture, two of Cornelius, and several of the moon, which I thought was really interesting last night. Follow this link to judge for yourself.

I met a new pooch on tonight's walk -- a cute little puppy. Little, in this case, is a relative term. The critter came up to my knees, and by the looks of the paws s/he is going to be a horse by the time s/he's done growing. The puppy was so interested in hanging out and walking with me that one of the owners had to intervene. He ended up herding the puppy away, sort of reverse of what would happen with an Australian Shepherd. In a way the owner reminded me of my uncle, Gerry, the way he played with the dog. I hope I see them more often.
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