Cat (willowisp) wrote,

One of the machines Andy was generating data on had hard drive issues last night, so he lost the numbers it was crunching. Its calculations are very important, but fortunately it wasn't one of the two machines running the irreplaceable results. It'll take a non-trivial amount of time to regain what was lost, but it can be recovered. He also got a good lead on dress shoes which won't reduce him to agony inside of five minutes.

Today was finally back into some semblance of routine. I took Andy to school in the morning, did little housewifey things while he was there, and he came home in the evening. Of course it's his turn to go traveling this weekend, to Charlotte for the bi-annual origami festival, so we're falling right back out of the routine come Thursday. I also get to Jewel-sit for the next few days.

One of the domestic things I did today included some experimentation. I'm trying to find a good wheat-free pizza crust recipe, both for when we have GNO on nights when Tanner and Janell pull out their pizza stone, and also so I can try to make a Cat-safe version of kolotz, which is sort of like a pierogi turned inside out. It is just really yummy, and I don't think there'll be any trouble using egg substitute or alternate flour in the topping recipe, so all I need is an edible crust which can be made easily.

The one today was fairly easy, did not crumble, and probably needed to be baked a bit more. Taste-wise, under sauce and cheese it could've been regular dough, though the texture was a bit off. When I first tried it out of the oven I thought it was nasty, but later when I tried some more it didn't seem nearly as bad. I may try playing around with types of flour and ratios, and maybe even make a half-batch of kolotz filling (a full batch is good for two cookie-sheet sized pies) to see if it's strong enough to disguise any odd flavor from the crust.

I finally shot a bunny! It was either the bold one or it was the timid one gone tharn, but it's sitting on the digital camera's flash card in several different poses. Aside from the one time I've never seen both bunnies together, so I may not try for any more pictures. If it weren't for mannerisms I wouldn't be able to tell the silly bunny apart from the skittish one. I'll hopefully work on getting all of my recent nightly walk photos into an LJ-friendly place while Andy is at school tomorrow. Who knows, I may end up with a few more pictures of Jewel as well.
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