Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today started with what looked like more bad news about Grandpa but instead was a report of what happened when Mom went to visit yesterday. It was so bad he was crying. The doctor prescribed an anti-nausea drug and another to stimulate his appetite, and he's feeling better today. Whether that's an effect of the medication or just the natural length of time it takes for the worst of the chemo to wear off remains to be seen.

The student store allowed Andy to trade in the software, though not without grumbles on their part. At any rate, he now has the software for the PC, so as long as he can keep the machines at school behaving he'll be fine. Anyone who's good at remote sysadmin stares are welcome to glare at the school machines.

Andy and I went to South Point again today, but not for ice cream. Andy's desperately needed some new clothes for a while (I'm going to take tyee's advice in the future and just order him new clothes when needed), and we decided to check out Eddie Bauer before placing a Land's End order which might not arrive in time. He struck gold, and came home with two nice pairs of pants and two shirts; one suit-type in dark blue, and an incredibly soft not-quite-so dressy shirt in red (now as long as he doesn't end up as an extra in Star Trek...), plus a new belt to replace his very well-worn one. Now all he needs is a pair of dress shoes which are also comfortable and he'd be all set for his defense and any interviews he goes on. I need to remember to ask around for dress shoes which fit that bill.

While he was trying on stuff I wandered around and found a pretty blouse which matched the skirt I'm planning on wearing for his defense, and which was even with the price of the one at Sears in XL, or $2.00 cheaper in large. Then, while he was trying on more stuff I found one with a prettier neckline and slightly brighter color but which wasn't as soft. Since we couldn't decide we went over to Sears and checked the blouse I'd seen the other day, but Andy liked the Eddie Bauer blouses better. Instead of flipping a coin I asked an employee which one she thought went better, then spent a while trying to decide between large and XL. The large actually fit with room, but in the end I decided to go with XL. Much to my surprise (since all of the XLs had not been marked down) it rang up as the sale price, which was a nice touch.

After a Brown Cow run at Wellspring we came home, except Andy needed to go back to school and restart an errant program. He got back when I was on round two of my completely uneventful walk, and by the time I got in, it turned out the program had gone awry again. Andy says if it wasn't so late and didn't take so long he'd go and restart it. I'm guessing a lot of his time at school tomorrow will be spent babysitting.
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