Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today started out with an e-mail from Mom saying that Grandpa hadn't been able to hold down food for two days, and that Mary was thinking of taking him to the hospital if he didn't get better today. I wish I at least knew if the chemo was actually working. I know the whole idea of chemo is to kill the cancer slightly more quickly than it kills the patient, but on my end I'm only seeing the latter. Anyway, I phoned Mom this evening and she wasn't home, so I called Grandpa's number. He answered, and said he was a little better. The doctor gave him two or three new prescriptions in hopes that it wouldn't have to end up with a hospital visit.

The rest of the day was up and down, but nothing worth writing home about. I did get a sudden and virulent case of cabin fever this afternoon, and it was so uncharacteristic that Andy agreed we should go out. The net result was that we went to South Point for some Marble Slab (a Cold Stone wannabe) ice cream. For those who don't know us, this is an exceedingly rare occurrence. Andy and I are somewhat reclusive, and the only real forays we make, aside from driving to school and back, are for groceries. I also sometimes go to the post office or to run errands, and going out just for the sake of going out just doesn't happen more than once every two years or so, at least since we're no longer close to Entropy.

I met Cornelius's owner today (I called over to her to say "hi" and he replied); I also found out that the kitty version of Cornelius is a she. Oops. Anyway, I got some pictures of the moon, which was very pretty tonight, and of Cornelius. Her owner was nice, and remembered the time I left a message on his machine to let him know she was (or seemed to be) in distress. He said she actually lies in wait starting at 5pm so she can get attention from people coming home from work.

Andy made a completely understandable mistake today and got the Mac version of some software he needs for his thesis. He's hoping the student store will let him return it and also beating himself up over it. I hope getting some sleep will help him feel a bit better because I hate seeing him so upset. I'm doing what I can to help (like noting that open versions with academic licenses are going on eBay for not much less than he paid), but I think I'm just making it worse. Maybe tomorrow he'll be able to laugh about it.
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