Cat (willowisp) wrote,

We ran our normal errands today, and I played around with BMI numbers while in a waiting room. Either my math is off or I'm not as bad as I thought, though I'm still well within the obese range. I also strung a necklace for my cousin's son, Aaron. While I was making one earlier this month he came up, looked at it, and said "mine", which I figure is two year-oldese for "I like that". I've already oked it with Meri, lest anyone think I'm just up and giving a potentially dangerous object to a child without a responsible adult's consent.

GNO was tonight at our apartment, and we had good pizza and then watched a fun episode of Junkyard Wars. Since I liked both teams about the same I didn't jinx either one. The judge did that, by the usual "first team the judge favors is doomed" rule. I know a few judges who've broken that one, but it seems to be borne out more often than not.

After Tanner left Ben pulled out his new game, "Kingdom Hearts", which is literally a collaboration between Disney and Squaresoft. It features a ton of Disney characters (on the back cover there's a picture of Jafar and Maleficent, as well as one with Ariel, Triton, and Ursula), and also young versions of characters from several of the games. Young Wakka's voice actor is having trouble with the inflections and accent of Wakka from FF X. I recognized a whole bunch of the voice actors in the Disney side -- it would have been an Animaniacs reunion if Moe LaMarche and Rob Paulsen had been there. It's a bit annoying, because one of the characters who may be Disney or Square sounded a lot like Mr. LaMarche. Andy thinks it might have been Jess Harnell. Anyway, the game looks interesting, though I'd have to see more than the introductory stuff we saw before saying much more than that.

After Ben and Conni left I took a full walk in which I mused a lot. I'm not so sure the photo album for Grandpa is going to work out -- only two people, my mom and a relative whom I can't even figure out my relation to (I believe one of her grandparents was the brother or sister of Grandma or Grandpa Pilny). I got her pictures today, and I'm trying to decide whether to use one or two of them, but the rest are keepers. Mom's I have yet to ask Andy to decode, since she sent them via e-mail. They're scans, so at least she has the originals and I won't have to worry about printing them out. One of my other aunts has said she has no pictures, which is disheartening, and another told mom she might send me some. I don't want to do a 20-picture album. I hope some people come through -- I'm giving up a few of my favorite wedding pictures for this.

I was also thinking of the other grandparents. I could never do this with Grandma Shad. That side is so tangled up that I couldn't keep track of who wasn't talking to whom when I lost touch with them, and from the various things I've heard it's only gotten more complex. I also shouldn't be the person to instigate any of this since I didn't even show up for my grandfather's funeral (Andy's parents were visiting). I have no idea if anyone even noticed, but if they did, I'm sure the grudge will be held.

On Andy's side of the family I'm not sure such an album would be needed. They seem so much less fragmented than either side of mine. Andy pointed out that his Grandmother already has a ton of slides (the kind you need a projector for) with all of the type pictures I'm trying to collect for Grandpa. I think I've seen photo albums lying around his Granddad and Grandmother's place as well. I guess I can ask around when I go visit -- I'd love to do something equally nice for them as I am for Grandpa.
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